It's what matters that counts

It’s what matters that counts

The big question (of which there perhaps are many!) is what matters? so what really matters to us all? We are thinking and talking about this a lot at the moment at Pottles. This follows a lot of wide discussion about how we get it right for our residents in how they keep hydrated especially now that we have hit a spell of hot weather. Our Director George was interviewed by the Nursing Times recently after lots of national debate on people using plastic beakers – we are saying what matters is CHOICE, SAFETY, REDUCING RISK, DIGNITY AND PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE.

We will never say never about how people enjoy a drink but we must always ask, check, assess / observe, ask and check again – never assume and recognise needs change – people can manage a favourite cup sometimes, need help and support other times and can opt for an easier vessel if this works for them – so yes… what really matters? – that is the question.

What matters to chaps living in 24/7 care – we have 6 of our 17 guests / residents are men – more than a 1:3 ratio – what matters to them of course is a very individual thing – sports? well yes a few of them are very interested in the World Cup but so too are some of our women, cars? – yes we are doing a compilation of cars we have owned, gardening?… one or two but we realise habits and patterns of a lifetime can be ever so vital as they really matter – getting up early, being strong minded about things, making decisions – but are these the preserve of just men? not really we feel so one of the areas we are looking at is men in care homes – what makes us feel proud about this at Pottles?

We have another group of Trainee Nursing Associates with us during July – this is a brilliant programme of already experienced health care workers in acute hospitals spending time in care homes sharing learning – we are very proud to be one of the very few care homes in England being part of this NHS / Health Education England initiative – we might just get them involved in our men in care homes project?.

Since our last posting we’ve had our annual Judy Garland Birthday Tribute Day (10th June), a really nice time talking about our dads on Fathers Day (17th June), various visits from musical entertainers choirs and singalongs and the World Cup kicking off in a big way – see some of our rehearsals and re-enactments attempts below.

Ron and Fred played out a tense England v Belgium rehearsal with an outcome we won’t dwell on whereas Dot (England) knocked 6 past Norman (Panama) in a very encouraging 2nd game for our boys – Norman didn’t mind the drubbing we can confirm.

The things that matter in our view can come down to a handful of things and each will shape and influence how we create a homely home atmosphere these include:

  1. being kind
  2. being keen
  3. being proud
  4. believing in what we do as a privilege
  5. being curious about people – finding out things, learning and sharing
  6. enabling people to live as well as possible – smiles, laughter and funguarding is as important as safeguarding
  7. The little things are as important as the big ! – fingernails being clean and trimmed and having the right number of pillows at night – little big things we say – new table and chair set below another little big thing.

Lorraine and the whole Pottles family raised £50 for Alzheimer’s Research on National Cup Cake Day and we want to thank all those who made, bought, donated and ate the yummy cakes- see below.

A final few mentions:

  1. We’re having a My Kind of Music afternoon on the 12th July – all shapes and sizes of music will be shared – including a Rolling Stones medley – prior to our Mick Jagger birthday try out later in the month (26th July) – so who thinks music really matters and who likes the Rolling Stones we will be asking?!
  2. We have Pottles Picnic on the 15th July coinciding with both the Wimbledon Men’s tennis final (come on Andy!!) and the World Cup final (come on England!!)
  3. Our next Residents and Guest meeting is on the 17th July at a slightly later time of 4.30pm -6pm – our senior team are leading a ‘mealtimes in care homes’ workshop in Dawlish ending at 4pm hence the delay – hear more about this at the meeting.
  4. Our excellent and multi talented ‘artworks in care homes’ collaborators and great friends from the north ‘Snow & Crow’ will be with us again on the 1st Augustgetting everyone creative and productive that day – lino cut prints, sketchings, and personalised art of all kinds – see The Angel of the North print above as an example of what we might produce.

That’s all for now – so much more to add but will save more of what really matters for next time!

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At Pottles Court we believe that good care home life offers the option of social time and private time, and lets others help with health care like taking medication every day and those daily jobs that sometimes can feel like burdens.

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