“What I want and what I like”

Although we know routine is important, having some structure to each day with the things we want to do and the things we need to do, no two days are the same at Pottles Court. There are 17 people who call Pottles Court home and each have different ways to spend the day – some very busy, some relaxing and our job is to help balance that for everyone.

First things first

Early or not so early rising – getting up can be a pretty flexible affair – some will want help others may not – we respect the wishes of residents in how we support personal care such as dressing and washing as well as having a lie in if desired.

Breakfast and the morning plans

Choices are available for the morning after a preferred breakfast there will always be things to do – low key / low intensity activities, watching TV chatting, listening to music or being a bit more active and ambitious. Some people choose to go dancing at our local healthy living centre, as this does not happen anymore – Maybe something like, Some Residents choose to attend the Wake up, Shake up session.

Lunch and the early part of the afternoon

Doing what comes naturally or perhaps learning a new skill, putting your reflexes or quiz skills to the test may be in order however with five areas to spend time in, in addition to a residents own bedroom (where some will choose to spend quiet private time) there are always different things to do.

Mid to late afternoon/evening

Apart from the odd siesta being had there is no letting up in offering people the chance to try something new, learn a new skill or indulge in an memorable experience. we have own regular visiting church service, Ipad time with Dawn where no hobby, special interest or nostalgic image and memory is off limits and of course we have Simon and his regular visits. Oh yes, accompanied by his exotic creatures some scaly, some furry but all highly well trained and fully risk assessed! Our resident cat, Jammy, has competition for affection on those days. We are also frantically recruiting for a semi-able mouth-organ player to run a workshop for staff and residents following a recent ‘what’s missing from our diary’ discussion group.

Retiring early of course is an option but not too early we hope as we like for people to spend time mixing and mingling as they wish and carrying on having fun and experiencing things. TV is a staple and we feel this is no bad thing even if people may only take a passing interest in the programmes we show – they all do provide conversation points between residents and staff. We have a library of DVDs with many old classics, specialist interest themes and musicals and are always buying more on request.

Night time lives

We have taken a keen view on the preferences and tastes of residents at Pottles Court – we believe there is more to the period after bedtime than simply getting a good night’s sleep. Part of our thinking is about making sure residents are comfortable, in control of their night time lives, feel safe, have support as they require for personal care, any needs in the night such as for a drink or pain relief perhaps and that those that like to listen to music or have a light on can do so.


A little peace and quiet…!

Having ‘down time’ is absolutely fine by us – as one resident says “I’m 87yrs old – I don’t want to be rattling a tambourine all day” so respecting people’s wishes to have a rest, doze or even do nothing some of the time is fine. We may still try to encourage you to try a few things and perhaps rekindle an old hobby or have a go at a new one! We believe in environments that are age-appropriate as well as colourful, lively and sometimes cluttered; not nursery, not institutional, and not bland either.

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    At Pottles Court we believe that good care home life offers the option of social time and private time, and lets others help with health care like taking medication every day and those daily jobs that sometimes can feel like burdens.

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